Couples who live together but do not marry or form a civil partnership do not currently have access to any specific legal provisions arising from their cohabiting relationship to help them sort out their money and property when they separate.  However, it is still possible in some cases to bring legal claims, particularly in relation to property, after the end of a cohabiting relationship.  In addition, it may be possible to obtain financial support and housing for any children you have together.

Cohabitation disputes can be discussed in mediation, in the collaborative law process, or using solicitor-to-solicitor negotiation techniques and proceedings in court where necessary.

Please download our information sheet if you would like more details about legal proceedings after the end of a cohabiting relationship. Alternatively, you can call Gail, Adam, Simon, Tricia, Kathryn or Jeremy on 01223 443333 for a confidential initial discussion.

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