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The Loss Cycle

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We’ve written previously about the emotional process of divorce or separation and at this time of year, it is worth revisiting how the loss of a relationship can affect you. For most people who experience it, the end of a committed relationship comes as a shock. Perhaps you have to go through a divorce or separation to understand how long shock can last: it is as often a long painful bewilderment as it is a clean cut catastrophe. For this reason, the process of getting through divorce/separation is often likened to the process of grieving over a death and parallels…

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Grief and conflict in divorce

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When a significant relationship or marriage ends, there is almost always loss and grief. This is true not just for people to whom the separation comes as a shock, but also for those who instigate the end, and for those for whom it is a truly mutual decision reached after a great deal of thought and consideration. Even for those whose relationship may have been objectively abusive or dysfunctional, and for whom the end of the relationship may come as a relief, there is a void afterwards: a lack of something that was there before, a loss of what you…

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Competing rights – parents and children

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We’re hearing a lot about the influence of Europe at the moment within the ‘Brexit/Bremain’ debate about our EU membership. One of the most influential pieces of legislation influenced by Europe is our Human Rights Act 1998, which enshrined the European Convention of Human Rights so it is directly enforceable by the courts of England and Wales. Although under review by the current government, some of whose members wish to see it repealed, this law has shaped the way our judges interpret many of the other laws under which we live. It has had a particular effect where family justice…

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Sorry, not sorry

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As specialist family lawyers and mediators, we at CFLP hear a lot of stories. We hear tales of inspiring kindness and heartbreaking meanness, good deeds done and wounds inflicted. We see people who are sorry for things they’ve done, and people who are not. However, despite guiding and assisting thousands of clients through divorce, we’ve never heard of a court requiring someone to apologise before they are allowed to see their children. That’s effectively what a court did in a recent case that has just come to light. Re K (Children) was a father’s appeal against an initial decision that he…

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