The Loss Cycle

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We’ve written previously about the emotional process of divorce or separation and at this time of year, it is worth revisiting how the loss of a relationship can affect you. For most people who experience it, the end of a committed relationship comes as a shock. Perhaps you have to go through a divorce or separation to understand how long shock can last: it is as often a long painful bewilderment as it is a clean cut catastrophe. For this reason, the process of getting through divorce/separation is often likened to the process of grieving over a death and parallels…

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Mr vs Mrs: Call the Mediator – Review

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We never really expected to do a TV review blog, but last week saw the start of a new three-part BBC fly-on-the-wall documentary series called “Mr vs Mrs: Call The Mediator” on BBC2. The series promises an intimate look at the lives of those separating, divorcing or working out co-parenting. Since it first aired last week, we’ve been questioned repeatedly about what we thought of it from a professional point of view. By the time this blog goes out on a Wednesday morning there will have been another episode, which you’ll be able to view on catch-up TV if you…

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Mediation myth-busting

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We’ve blogged before about the different options available to those going through the process of working out disagreements over future arrangements after divorce or separation. In brief, you can negotiate, either directly between yourselves or by using your solicitors to present arguments in writing or at meetings; you can use collaborative law, where solicitors and clients agree not to take the dispute to court and all work together to find a solution; you can use an arbitrator who will decide as much or as little of your case as you want to refer to her or him after a process…

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Early days of separation

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In the early days of separation from a partner or spouse, when the world feels upside-down, it can be difficult to know where to turn. Your friends say you need a lawyer but you’re not sure you want legal advice as much as practical guidance; plus you’ve heard that mediation – what is that, by the way? – might be better for the kids and less impactful on the family budget. You turn to Google, which offers conflicting suggestions. How do you know whom to trust?

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