The number of couples citing adultery has a reason for divorce has dropped by 50% in ten years

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The number of couples who cite adultery as a reason for divorce has dropped sharply since 2008, according to new figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS). In that years 20,765 divorce petitions made that claim, but by 2018 the figure had fallen to just 9,205. The 2008 figure was itself a significant fall, from the no less than 36,310 who cited adultery in 1998. Retired High Court Judge Sir Paul Coleridge, who established campaign group the Marriage Foundation in 2012, said the continuing drop suggested a social shift had taken place. “I think people are more grown up…

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Mother awarded compensation for stalled career in divorce proceedings

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A former solicitor who gave up work to become a full time mother has been awarded compensation of £400,000 in her divorce proceedings. The award – recompense for the salary she would have earned had she continued her legal career – was in addition to an equal share in the couple’s substantial overall assets of £10 million. At a private family court hearing, Mr Justice Moor explained that the wife had taken primary responsibility for the couple’s two children while her husband, also a solicitor, had focused on his career. The Judge insisted that the case should not be seen…

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Divorce linked to family history

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A person’s genetic background may influence the likelihood of them getting divorced, according to a joint US-Swedish study. Researchers from Virginia Commonwealth University in the United States and Lund University in Sweden examined data concerning nearly  83,000 individuals. Previous studies had shown that the children of divorced parents are more likely to get divorced themselves in adulthood but researchers had been assumed this was due to learned behaviour. To try and shed further light on the causes, the US-Swedish team compared the marital histories of adopted children in their data to that of both their adoptive and biological parents. Lead…

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Lawyers ‘can act for both parties in divorce’

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There is no conflict of interest in helping both parties in a divorce reach a financial agreement, a High Court Judge has declared. In JK v VK & Another, Mr Justice Mostyn considered the case of a younger couple who sought a clean break divorce (one with no possibility of future obligations) after a marriage of just two and a half years. They approached an online divorce service specialising in joint financial agreements (legally termed ‘consent orders’). However, one such joint order was queried by a regional Judge, who suggested that it might constitute a conflict of interest. Traditionally, although…

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