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Conflict and divorce: ways of resolving a dispute

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Resolution, the association of family law solicitors which is committed to non-confrontational methods of resolving family disputes and to which all of us here at CFLP belong, is promoting “Family Dispute Resolution Week” this week. The ambition, which we at CFLP share, is to raise awareness of non-court based ways of working things through when relationships break down. We’ve blogged before about mediation, arbitration, and collaborative law, and we’re passionate advocates for non-court processes in appropriate circumstances –take a look at our “how we do it” page for downloadable factsheets on all the options available. Although non-court methods are sadly not…

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Going for gold? Winning in family law

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Wow, what a two weeks we had at the Olympics. With a final tally of 29 gold medals, Great Britain appears to have got a real taste for winning. For us at CFLP, it’s not really a surprise that the national team has done so well, or that the general public has been so proud of its success (as are we). Who doesn’t like winning? Most of the partners at CFLP are competitive people – and so are a large proportion of our clients. In family law, the idea that there can be a ‘winner’ or ‘loser’ is something we…

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A second glance at Collaborative Law

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CFLP is committed to offering clients a range of processes to help them work out arrangements for the family after separation, divorce or civil partnership dissolution. Like most family law firms, the bulk of our work is negotiation and litigation, and our strong mediation practice is growing steadily. One area of our service that we’re particularly passionate about is promoting the use of collaborative law where circumstances are appropriate; but like other firms, we’re finding recently that clients are more reluctant than they used to be to investigate this avenue. For those who aren’t aware, collaborative family law is a…

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