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Pre-nups: courts and policy

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For the past couple of years, since the landmark legal case of Radmacher v Granatino, the pre-nuptial (and pre-civil partnership) agreement has been seen as being as close to a binding agreement as the family courts will allow. The test for upholding an agreement entered into either before or during marriage as set out by the Supreme Court in that case is that: “the court should give effect to a nuptial agreement that is freely entered into by each party with a full appreciation of its implications unless in the circumstances prevailing it would not be fair to hold the…

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Keeping it out of court

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This week is National Family Dispute Resolution week (25-29 November 2013). Family lawyers, mediators, collaborative professionals, and those who work with children are coming together to raise awareness of alternatives to court for separating families.  There are events going on all over the country, and as always we’re involved! Our Adam Moghadas has been busy.  Not only was he a guest on BBC Radio Cambridge’s Drivetime show last week, he also attended the launch of the initiative on Monday 25 November at the House of Lords.  As well as enjoying the history and theatre of the place and spotting Black…

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Thinking ahead

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Last weekend, outside our offices on Parker’s Piece, was the Cambridge Food and Garden Produce show. This got us thinking. We were struck by the similarities between the investment of time and materials which go into gardening and its sometimes unpredictable outcomes, and the business of financial planning (bear with us on this). You sow seeds, lovingly tend them and measure their progress regularly; but external events can have as much an effect on whether or not they will bear fruit as your own efforts; just as with financial investments. Economic downturn and divorce can decimate financial plans, however carefully…

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Too much choice in divorce?

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Every year, the accountancy firm Grant Thornton publishes a survey which details the opinions of those whom it considers to be the country’s top family lawyers (including us!): 139 responded this year. It looks at the work done by these lawyers in the preceding year – so, 2011 – and sometimes makes for interesting reading. We thought we’d take a look and see how our experiences compare with the others who were surveyed. And if you want to read it yourself, you can find it here. The headline splashed across the top of the press release asks whether there are…

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