Protection from violence

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This week and last have been quite quiet ones in family law terms, other than some kerfuffle about another multi-million pound divorce that’s been reported in the papers because of the massive figures involved, but for which the judgment isn’t out yet, so we don’t really know the reasoning. Instead we thought we’d look at a few strands relating to violence within the context of relationships, as a supplement to Adam’s white ribbon post of last month. The first thing to come out, thanks to The Independent, was the disparity between the increase in reports of domestic abuse incidents and the…

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Maintenance matters

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This week, we thought we’d focus on a difference of opinion on a matter of family law that has come to light between a couple of our elder statespeople in family law. On one side, we have Baroness Deech, a former barrister and crossbench peer in the House of Lords who led the second reading of her new Divorce (Financial Provision) Bill at the end of January this year, and on the other we have Lord Wilson of Culworth, a Justice of the Supreme Court and author of some of the most notable legal decisions in family law over the…

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Wills and ways

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There have been three cases concerning wills over the past couple of weeks, so we thought it might be time again to take a look at this rather ‘niche’ area of the work we do. As specialists in family law, we don’t deal with the making of wills in general, except for reminding our clients (of course) that the fact of divorce affects inheritance under a will, and when you’re going through a separation you may wish to update yours to make sure it reflects what you would wish to happen to your property in the event of your death….

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Wear a White Ribbon

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Hello there – Adam Moghadas here. I had a look at the Cambridge News last night and read that there’s been a significant year-on-year increase in reports of domestic abuse in Cambridge. So this week, just after International Women’s Day and with Mothers’ Day on the horizon, I thought we should use the blog to take a look at the work of the White Ribbon Campaign. This is a charity working to prevent and inform about violence against women by engaging men and boys in the conversation. It’s a charity particularly close to our hearts at CFLP for two reasons:…

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Facebook: Saviour of Family Justice

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This week, social media has been back in the news. We hear a lot about social media as family lawyers, usually in a negative way: its impact on marriages is not always, we find, beneficial. However, there’s just been a case in which a judge has acknowledged the power of social media to enable people to be reached, so that they can be part of important court decisions. The report concerns adoption proceedings about a little boy of four years old. His birth parents are both foreign nationals, who were living together with their son in the Manchester area before…

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Grief and conflict in divorce

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When a significant relationship or marriage ends, there is almost always loss and grief. This is true not just for people to whom the separation comes as a shock, but also for those who instigate the end, and for those for whom it is a truly mutual decision reached after a great deal of thought and consideration. Even for those whose relationship may have been objectively abusive or dysfunctional, and for whom the end of the relationship may come as a relief, there is a void afterwards: a lack of something that was there before, a loss of what you…

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Expected in a Marriage

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This week, unusually, there have been plenty of family law stories making the headlines. The Court of Appeal yesterday reluctantly turned down the appeal of a couple who want the law to recognize civil partnerships for opposite-gender couples, Today the Supreme Court has looked at the legality of the financial barriers imposed by the last government on people wishing to bring in overseas-born spouses to the UK. However, we’re going to concentrate on a story that caught the attention of the media for a couple of days: the news that a woman is appealing against a court judgment that refused to…

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Step forward, cohabitants

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This week we’ve seen the law make a significant move towards better recognition of the modern family. The Supreme Court has recognised the right of someone who shared a home and life with a worker to claim a pension after their partner’s death on the same terms as if they had been married. You can click here for the full judgment. The claimant, Denise Brewster, lived with her partner William McMullan for ten years. On Christmas Eve 2009, they became engaged, but tragically William died just two days later. At the time of his death, William had been working for…

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Unfair prenups, creative solutions

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This week we’ve seen an interesting and complex case in our High Court where a judge has had to find a creative solution to rehousing appropriately two young children and their mother, in the face of factors prohibiting what the court would see as the usual fair division of assets on divorce. The case involves a Swedish couple, worth about £11m. The wealth is largely on the husband’s side: he was formerly a sportsman, the judgment tells us, before an accident in 2003 sadly ended his career. His substantial income now comes from active management of the money made before his…

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When two worlds collide

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As family lawyers we bear witness to a great many distressing situations. We have to develop emotional toughness, because if we felt every pain caused to our fellow men and women deeply and personally, we’d be no use as lawyers or mediators. Because of that, it’s rare when reported cases get to us, and one this week really has: it’s judgment on an application by a father of 5 children in the Orthodox Jewish community for contact with those children, complicated by the fact that this father is transgender and now living outside the community as a woman. It’s also…

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