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Orthodox children ‘should live with both parents’, court rules

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The two children of an orthodox Jewish mother should live with their father part of the time, a family court judge ruled in a recently published judgement. ‘A’ and ‘B’, aged nine and seven, have been the subject of multiple family court judgements as a result of their parents’ contentious divorce after the father chose to leave the family’s strictly orthodox Haredi community in London. His decision was described in a subsequent ruling as having had a “cataclysmic impact on each member of the family”. After leaving the father became involved with the more moderate Modern Orthodox community and the…

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“Grossly unfair” financial settlement overturned in court ruling

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A “grossly unfair” financial settlement following a divorce has been overturned by the Court of Appeal. XW v XH concerned a family court ruling originally made in December 2017. On that occasion, a Judge awarded the wife just 29 per cent of the couple’s assets because he believed the husband, a successful businessman, had made a “special contribution’ to the couple’s wealth. The ‘special’ or ‘stellar’ contribution proviso allows family court judges to grant more of a couple’s shared assets to one partner in a divorce if they are deemed to have made a particularly significant contribution to the couple’s…

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Mother awarded compensation for stalled career in divorce proceedings

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A former solicitor who gave up work to become a full time mother has been awarded compensation of £400,000 in her divorce proceedings. The award – recompense for the salary she would have earned had she continued her legal career – was in addition to an equal share in the couple’s substantial overall assets of £10 million. At a private family court hearing, Mr Justice Moor explained that the wife had taken primary responsibility for the couple’s two children while her husband, also a solicitor, had focused on his career. The Judge insisted that the case should not be seen…

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Huge public support for legal aid

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Despite severe cutbacks in recent years, the public remains overwhelmingly in favour of legal aid a new report suggests. Legal needs of Individuals in England and Wales was jointly published by the Law Society and the Legal Services Board. It presents the findings of a major online survey conducted by the polling organisation YouGov last year, featuring input from over 28,000 people on 34 different legal issues: the biggest survey conducted on this topic to date. A decisive 92 per cent of respondents said they were in favour of legal aid. A significant majority (64 per cent) reported involvement in…

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