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Boy should be sent to live with father, High Court concludes

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A 12 year-old should be sent to live with his father to restore their relationship, a High Court Judge ruled in a recently published case. PA v TT and H concerned a couple from a Sikh background who had married in 2005 and separated in 2007. They had one son, referred to in the judgement as ‘H’. The breakdown of the marriage was acrimonious, and there had been no less than five previous sets of proceedings concerning arrangements for the boy. These included allegations of domestic abuse, which were dismissed. Prior to the beginning of the sixth set of proceedings,…

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McKenzie Friends “biased and misleading” claims study

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McKenzie Friends provide “biased and misleading advice” to people caught up in family court disputes, a new study has claimed. McKenzie Friends are courtroom advisors who work with ‘litigants in person’ (LiPs): people who represent themselves during a court case, usually because they cannot afford legal representation. Despite their role, they do not need legal qualifications. Some charge fees while others work purely informally. Without legal qualifications McKenzie Friends cannot address the Judge while in court unless they are invited to do so. But they are allowed to provide advice to the litigant and help with note-taking and court papers….

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Supreme Court considers ‘forum shopping’ in divorce

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The Supreme Court has heard two days of evidence in an appeal concerning ‘forum shopping’ in divorce. The term ‘forum shopping’ refers to a common and much discussed practice in which one half of a multinational couple attempts to launch divorce proceedings in the jurisdiction with divorce legislation most favourable to them. In legal terminology, the Latin word ‘forum’ can mean both a specific court and a specific jurisdiction. Villiers v Villiers concerns a writ of divorce filed in 2014 by a husband in Scotland. He and his wife had lived in the country for the majority of the time…

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Younger victims of domestic violence could be “collateral damage of Brexit”

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Children in families riven by domestic violence could be “collateral damage” of Britain’s exit from the EU a charity has claimed. Action for Children said whichever government takes the reins following the general election must guarantee support for children affected by the issue. The call came following the publication of new research conducted by the charity with the University of Stirling. This included interviews with staff from no less than 30 local councils around the country. The findings suggest that one in ten local councils provide no support all to children who have experienced domestic violence, while more than 60…

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